Breaking the big stories

On November 27th, I attended The Canadian Journalism Foundation’s #CJFjtalk on investigative journalism.

Kevin Donovan, investigative reporter and editor with the Toronto Star, and Diana Swain, senior investigative journalist with CBC News, took us behind the scenes on some of their most recent investigative stories, ( Ghomeshi , Ford, Scout’s Canada). Paula Todd was the moderator for the evening and shared her process on finding Karla Holmolka.

This is worth a watch if you have any interest at all in doing investigative type stories. Great tips on digging deeper and on how to deal with anonymous sources.



Schools need a sexual-assault policy says students’ federation


By Bevan Hamilton and Suzanne Coolen

BELLEVILLE – The lack of a sexual assault policy at Loyalist College and Ontario’s other 23 colleges is unacceptable, says Anna Goldfinch, the Ontario representative for the Canadian Federation of Students.

“It’s important for schools to have a specific sexual assault policy,” said Goldfinch. “The rate of sexual violence – especially towards women – on Canadian colleges and universities is an enormous problem and one that we need to be doing more work on.”

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Report on child poverty in Canada has good and bad news



By Suzanne Coolen

BELLEVILLE – The child poverty rate in Canada has dropped two per cent since the start of the recession, according to a report released Tuesday by UNICEF Canada.

But it’s not all good news.

The report entitled Report Card 12: Children of the Recession by The UN Children’s Fund says the number of children living in poverty went  from 23 per cent of the child population in Canada to 21 per cent.

That means that during the recession from 2008 to 2011 approximately 180,000 children in Canada moved out of poverty, meaning family earned more than $25,400.

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Loyalist students team up with TVCOGECO for municipal election show


Loyalist students get advice on how to do election coverage - Photo by Erin Stewart

Loyalist students get advice on how to do election coverage – Photo by Erin Stewart

By Suzanne Coolen

BELLEVILLE – TVCOGECO in Belleville is teaming up with Loyalist College journalism and TV New Media students to produce a live television show on election night.

The show will provide live and up-to-the minute results, interviews and expert analysis from the municipalities of Belleville, Prince Edward County and Quinte West.

Scott Meyers, senior manager of programming and community relations at TVCOGECO, said that this show is a first for the Bellville station and a great opportunity for students.

“Local television is truly about partnerships and opportunities, and approaching the Loyalist Journalism and TV New Media students to provide the hosting and reporting, I felt was a natural partnership and a great opportunity for the students,” he said.

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Students worried and confused after campus arrest

By Suzanne Coolen
BELLEVILLE –Some students are feeling confused and uneasy following a second incident involving police this semester at Loyalist College. But other students QNetNews spoke to say they feel safe at Loyalist.

Loyalist student Melissa Powell was in the cafeteria when police arrived and said students were disoriented as events unfolded.

“We saw the police rush into the building and then they shut the doors to the cafeteria and wouldn’t let us out. No one knew what was going on and it was pretty terrifying.” she said. “I think there needs to be more review of procedures, like what to do in the event of a lockdown. Last week, when we had a fire drill our class was a little confused on where to go and what to do.”

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Homelessness and poverty among local seniors is a growing concern for CMHA executive director

Sandi Sidsworth  - Photo by Suzanne Coolen

Sandi Sidsworth – Photo by Suzanne Coolen

By Suzanne Coolen

BELLEVILLE – Sandie Sidsworth says she’s concerned about the increasing number of seniors dealing with poverty and homelessness in Belleville.

Sidsworth is the executive director of the local Canadian Mental Health Association branch.

QNetNews sat down with her as part of our Municipal Election Project.

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Lifelong Belleville resident says growth is the most important issue in this city

BELLEVILLE – Frank O’Connor was born, raised and works in Belleville. As part of the QNetNews Municipal Election Project, the photojournalism professor at Loyalist sat down with us to share what issues in this city matter to him. Here is what he had to say: – See the full story at: