I probably have a few too many blogs for one person. If I tried to downsize them I would more than likely end up starting another one on simplifying ones life. Sad but true.

Here are a few of the ones that I try to keep maintained.


I normally have several family tree projects on the go. In the past I would share research updates by email or by snail mail.

Recently I have been experimenting with using blogs as a way to present genealogy research. This allows me to post and share information to clients and family in a faster,more efficient way and makes it easier for the client to share new information with family.

Here are a few of the genealogy blogs I have been experimenting with.

Blakely Genealogy – This blog focuses on the family of Thomas Blakely who was a pioneer of Grey County,Ontario

Bain /Thornton Genealogy – The ancestry and descendants of John George Bain and Elizabeth Tye who were Toronto residents at the turn of the century

Sankey Genealogy  – The ancestry and descendants of Gottfred (Fred Sankey) Sadroschinske and Mary Mechefske from Prussia to Ontario


I am a collector of vintage newspapers and magazines from Canada.  I have had to downsize my collection several times over the years for various reasons ( one reason is I am highly allergic to dust and mold and unfortunately antique paper can contain both)  so I began scanning the pages to have a digital copy. I created the blog Vintage Canadian Advertisements to share my collection with others and to have a spot to browse my newspapers without sneezing.


My part-time business, Redwood Retro,  is based around Kodachrome and similar formats of 35mm slides. I began collecting slides in the late 80s and at last count my personal collection is well over 10,000 individual photos. My Redwood blog is where I share my favourites, advertise my services and occasionally share useful vintage photography stories and ideas.



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