Infographics and data visualization – Online storytelling tools

Have you ever read on online story where the information was presented in an such an innovative way that you just stare at the screen in awe?

Here is a list of my favourite sites and tools for making digital storytelling awesome!

  • How they did it – Part one – Spotting storytelling tools in the wild – Great piece on using interactive maps from
  • – Love this site! Easily create infographics using templates and icons. The free version has enough backgrounds and graphics to get you started and you can upload your own pics too. This is a basic graphic I made this
  • is a great tool for incorporating data into graphics.More than 30 charts types to choose from.
  • Picktochart is a site that is similar to – Free and tons of templates to choose from.



Twitter tips for journalists

Breaking the big stories

On November 27th, I attended The Canadian Journalism Foundation’s #CJFjtalk on investigative journalism.

Kevin Donovan, investigative reporter and editor with the Toronto Star, and Diana Swain, senior investigative journalist with CBC News, took us behind the scenes on some of their most recent investigative stories, ( Ghomeshi , Ford, Scout’s Canada). Paula Todd was the moderator for the evening and shared her process on finding Karla Holmolka.

This is worth a watch if you have any interest at all in doing investigative type stories. Great tips on digging deeper and on how to deal with anonymous sources.